Ken Ceglady Mr. Ceglady serves as the company botanist and is an expert on common and listed plants throughout the Coastal Plain, including all of Florida. He regularly consults with clients and agency staff regarding plant selection and identification for vegetative restoration, habitat classification, and listed wildlife species habitat suitability.     

Mr. Ceglady’s general experience includes permitting, wetland delineation, client consultation, mitigation monitoring and report preparation, threatened and endangered species surveys, wetland impact analysis, wetland hydrology analysis and plant identification. Mr. Ceglady specializes in preparing complex reports for large-scale projects, including Development of Regional Interest (DRI) studies, Natural Resource Evaluations, Wetland Evaluation Reports, Endangered Species Biological Assessments, Wildlife and Habitat Assessments, and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) reports. He has developed methodologies for identifying and delineating the extent of Essential Fish Habitat (EFH), and for evaluating projects’ potential impact to this resource.

Ken Ceglady Resume