Environmental Resource Solutions

Municipalities often take a proactive approach in planning for future development within their boundaries. This master planning ensures the appropriate locations and groupings of infrastructure, industrial, commercial, and residential resources. Master planning on this scale is also utilized to identify and ensure the perpetuation of important ecological resources, which could be lost through more piecemeal development strategies.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Utilize published resources to map and assess environmental sensitive lands within the study area
  • Examine and assess wildlife resources, including occurrence and biodiversity hotspot data, to identify critical wildlife habitat areas
  • Evaluate existing large-scale conservation and identify adjacent sensitive wetland and habitat areas
  • Assist municipality planners in identifying environmental areas suitable for long-term avoidance and conservation
  • Perform field studies to confirm wetland quality assessments and/or imperilled wildlife/habitat
  • Participate in public hearings, agency meetings, and agency negotiations
  • Provide expert witness testimony