Wetland Specialist

David A. Yow Mr. Yow is a Certified Wildlife Biologist by The Wildlife Society and is also permitted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission as an Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agent.

Mr. Yow's responsiblities with the ERS Division include conducting field operations, client consultation and agency coordination, wetland delineation with respect to state and federal jurisdictional methodologies, submits and processes petitions for Jurisdictional Declaration Statements, collects field data needed for environmental resource permitting and conducts site-specific threatened/endangered species evaluations and permitting services.

Additionally, Mr. Yow conducts Wildlife Hazard Assessments (WHA) for numerous Florida Airports and Airports throughtout the United States, gopher tortoise surveys and relocations, mitigation site monitoring and reporting on the relative health of those areas, water quality analysis, plant identification, hydrologic conditions assessment, and perliminiary environmental assessments. 

David Yow Resume