Environmental Resource Solutions
Federal and state regulatory agencies require permit applicants to demonstrate that their projects will not adversely affect listed species or their critical habitat.
Our services are directed at this objective, and include the following:
  • Assess project sites for potential conflicts with endangered, threatened, and/or species of special concern
  • Conduct field surveys to ascertain population sizes and trends: gopher tortoises, sand skinks, burrowing owls, red-cockaded woodpeckers, scrub jays, etc.
  • Develop species mitigation plans and obtain permits for the federally-endangered indigo snake
  • Bald eagle nest monitoring and permitting
  • Osprey nest monitoring and permitting for removal (if necessary)
  • Shorebird nest monitoring during beach restoration or dredging project
  • Perform relocations and habitat creation or restoration
  • Conduct monitoring as required following a relocation
  • Manatee Protection Plans
  • Surveys for Estuarine and Marine Submerged Aquatic Vegetation (SAV) surveys
  • Permitting FWC-approved gopher tortoise long-term recipient sites
  • ERS’ FWC Authorized Gopher Tortoise Agents conduct gopher tortoise surveys, relocations, and mitigation efforts
Project Experience
Performed as Environmental Resource Solutions, Inc.

→  FCX Indigo Snakes
→  JEA: Greenland Energy Center Gopher Tortoise Relocation
→  Cecil Airport: Gopher Tortoise Recipient Site
→  Bald Eagle Nest Monitoring
→  Magnolia Cove: Manatee Protection
→  Indigo Snake Management Plans
→  Osprey Nest Monitoring and Removal