Environmental Resource Solutions

ERS provides aviation clients and stakeholders with a variety of ecological services. Our firm has a thorough understanding of the challenges airports face when implementing Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations and guidance in conjunction with environmental agency regulations. By possessing airport management experience, understanding of airport operations, and scientific knowledge of natural resource regulations, ERS provides innovative approaches to address client needs. Our use of industry standard geographic information system (GIS); computer-aided design (CAD); Global Position System (GPS); and remote sensing tools, Trimble, and Autodesk AutoCAD, supports seamless integration of geospatial-based technology with planning, management and decision needs.

Our aviation services include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Wildlife Hazard Assessments (WHA)
• Wildlife Hazard Management Plans (WHMP)
• Wildlife Hazard Site Visits (WHSV)
• Wildlife Hazard Management Training
  (including Firearms Safety Training)
• Environmental Resource Permitting
  (wetlands and wildlife)
• NEPA Documentation
• Protected Species Surveys
• Biological Monitoring
• Environmental Planning
• Ecological documentation for Airport Master Plans
• Construction Monitoring

ERS Wildlife Hazard Management Services

Our firm’s professional staff includes four (4) FAA Qualified Airport Wildlife Biologists, who have completed WHAs, WHMPs, WHSVs, and training throughout the country.

Dave Yow
Johnathan Walls
Walt Esser

ERS staff has completed or is in the process of conducting wildlife hazard services at the following airports:

• Gainesville Regional Airport (Florida)
• Jacksonville International Airport (Florida)
• St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport (Florida)
• Orlando International Airport (Florida)
• Ocala International Airport (Florida)
• Cecil Airport (Florida)
• Northeast Florida Regional Airport (Florida)
• Southwest Florida International Airport (Florida)
• Miami International Airport (Florida)
• Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport (Florida)
• Herlong Recreational Airport (Florida)
• Pittsburgh International Airport (Pennsylvania)
• Spirit of St Louis Airport (Missouri)
• Amarillo International Airport (Texas)
• Victoria Regional Airport (Texas)
• Monterey Peninsula Airport (California)
• Sacramento International Airport (California)
• Redlands Municipal Airport (California)
• Texarkana Regional Airport (Arkansas)
• Brunswick Golden Isles Airport (Georgia)
• Malcolm McKinnon Airport (Georgia)
• Middle Georgia Regional Airport (Georgia)
• Valdosta Regional Airport (Georgia)
• Columbus Airport (Georgia)
• Arlington Municipal Airport (Texas)
• Augusta Municipal Airport (Kansas)
• Texcoco International Airport (Mexico)
• Nut Tree Airport (California)
• Deland Municipal Airport (Florida)
• Dayton International Airport (Ohio)
• Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport (Ohio)

Project Experience

Performed as Environmental Resource Solutions, Inc.

Arlington Municipal Airport Wildlife Hazard Assessment
Jacksonville International Airport Wildlife Hazard Management Plan
Jacksonville Aviation Authority Wildlife Hazard Management Training
Southwest Florida International Airport Training and Plan Update