Qualified Airport Wildlife Biologist

Amy ReedMs. Reed is a Certified Wildlife Biologist by The Wildlife Society and specializes in avian biology. In 2009, she was recognized by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University as in compliance with FAA Advisory Circular 150/5200-36 "Qualifications for Wildlife Biologist Conducting Wildlife Hazard Assessment and Training Curriculums for Airport Personnel Involved in Controlling Wildlife Hazards on Airports". She predominantly works in aviation related consulting services.

Ms. Reed's responsibilities with the ERS Division include Wildlife Hazard Assessments (WHA) at airports, wildlife hazard management training for airport personnel, gopher tortoise surveys and relocations, mitigation site monitoring and reporting on the relative health of those areas, water quality analysis, plant identification, hydrologic conditions assessment, preliminary environmental assessments, wetland delineation with respect to State and Federal jurisdictional methodologies, environmental resource permitting and site-specific protected species evaluations. 

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